Skin on frame Proa


Skin on frame Proa

John Kohnen sent this shot of Harvey Golden's remarkable skin-boat-adaptation of a Fiji proa.

- Craig O'Donnell -


I was talking to Harvey Golden at the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Festival last week, he told me he's just finishing up a _skin-on-frame_ proa! Of course, since he's the expert on skin-on-frame kayaks... I said "I guess if the Fijians had walruses that's what they'd have done". <g> Harvey's going to try to have it done in time for the Fern Ridge messabout. That'd be fun, since John McCallum is going to bring his proa. We might also have two Bolger light schooners there, a new one from Portland, and one that lives at Fern Ridge. A high-tech tacking proa of some sort has moved into the moorage at one of the parks at Fern Ridge too, I'm looking forward to seeing that in action and maybe finding out more about it, but it doesn't look like a messabouter's boat.

If you've got the time, or a fast 'net connection, you can see some of the pictures I took at Depoe Bay. Some of them will appear on my festival page in a day or two:

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