Larsboat Update 2
update 1

Hello again Chuck,

Some more photos of the Lars Boat Project , I decided to line the forward storage compartment with "out side" carpet . Im a fan of this carpet, it can look good, can cover over the worst epoxy fillets, no need to sand nice and smooth, non slip, easy on the feet and bum, ect, But with all the compound angles can be hard to cut to shape, so this is how I do it , just line the area with paper , (reg Photo Copy, Typing Paper ) and tape it together , small size paper is easier than trying to get the shape on 1 big sheet, remove template and place on carpet and cut out, I use the special waterproof glue thats recommended

You can see also the the Closet pole running from the bulkhead to the bow, this is how i solve the problem of the angles required for the decking, the ply just sits right no-matter how the angle changes, just rolls on the edge and always makes good contact, I butter the pole with a thick epoxy so as to get a strong joint,

The forward bow section is crammed full with Pool noodles all cut up I managed to get 2 in each bow, Thats about 400 pounds worth of flotation, cost about $3 per boat, will use the same in the rear compartment

Just for the hell of it I placed the 2 bow sections end to end, Makes Quite a nice looking boat !!!

Next job is to join the bow and stern sections together, got to think about that one, maybe some sort of seat cum butt strap arrangement,

Regards, Steve Dandridge