Cascade 42


Cascade 42

This boat was cast in 1980. The boat was an open hull when it was delivered to me in Independence Oregon. We built the boat to a point where it was then moved to Seattle, Washington. I lived in the Duwamish boatyard in a 16 foot travel trailer to get it ready for launching.

The cabin is fabricated from plywood with fiberglass and gel coat over it. Decks are teak as is the cabin top. Many of the items are completely hand made or custom fabricated for the boat. I have all the details and will share with anyone interested. Many pictures are available of the construction, but I hate to bore people.

The Independence was launched in 1985, and I lived aboard her for 5 years in the Seattle area. I then moved to Long Beach California, where it is cruised now and enjoyed by myself and many friends.

The boat is a Cascade 42. I lengthened it by adding the sugar scoop and a bowsprit. The boat sails well in light air and is very stable. All in all, it was a very good project and one that taught me many things about boats and the boating community.

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Mike Walker