June Lake
by Steve Dandridge

You may remember that last year I built 2 of Jims Piragua's as a Christmas Present for my Grandkids. Well this was the first time they had a chance to try them out. June Lake is North East California, Near Mammoth, Bishop, And a High (8000 ft ) mountain lake.

The weather was perfect over the 4th July holiday , the boats performed perfectly in this calm lake, very stable and moved easy through the water even when loaded with one adult and two little ones. I made the boats very light by using Door skin ply but added some 5mm ply strips in the bottom to strengthen this area then fiber glassed the whole boat on the outside.

The result is light but strong. Jim has come up with a wonderful, easy to build, low cost boat, an ideal first boat for anyone wanting to take the plunge into boat building, you can also see my Toto in the photos. This boat is undergoing remodeling. It is now 3 years old and just needs a fresh coat of paint. It has had a busy life and served me well. It's another fine design and a good looker too. Best wishes to you all.
Steve Dandridge