Piccup in Raritan Bay

I took my Piccup into the Raritan Bay last night after I got off work at Newark Airport. I told my wife that I would be home in time to cut the grass, which would be about 8:30 or 9:00 at the latest. The bay was like glass last night and I had a very light but steady breeze that moved my little baby along at a nice and relaxing speed. The Great Shoals Lighthouse is in the middle of the bay, about 3 miles away from where I launched. I set my goal to go around the Lighthouse and back. I made pretty good time but I was running very late. I didn't bring a watch and didn't touch land until sunset. I still had to break the sail down, put her on the dolly, wheel her back to my truck and put her on top of the rack. I didn't pull up to my house until 10:20. My wife was crying and told me that she'd already called the state police to look for me. I'm a novice sailor. This was only my sixth time out in the boat that I built and my wife was thinking the worst. You would think that she would be happy to see me. She isn't very friendly with me right now and I spent last night on the couch. Come all ye young sailors and hear what I say. Come back to port on time, you'll find it will pay. My wife wanted to blow me down.