John's Tool Crib
by John Cupp

Press Release


“I am always skeptical of manufacturers’ claims about their products”

By John Cupp

Yes I do wonder why companies make fantastic claims for their products in magazines. Just such a claim made me inquisitive enough to call FREUD about their “Ultimate Cut-Off Saw”. I spoke with their very knowledgeable representative about two of their blades. The blades were soon at my doorstep and I just happened to be ready to rip some red oak planks for the P.C. Bolger Brick I was building.

I replaced a known very good blade with the LM74R010 Glue Line Rip blade that came in the same box as the LU85R010 Ultimate Cutoff Blade on my table saw. After checking the blade for trueness I then placed my roller stands for the ripping process. After the first cut with the Glue Line Rip blade I noticed that the blade worked effortlessly through the red oak and even with a full 1/8th” kerf. The saw cut as fast as I could push the plank toward the blade (to a point).

The cut was also very, very smooth! I must make it clear that I always use a smooth fluid motion and never try to cram the wood into the blade. That could have a drastic effect on my already miserable health situation. But at least I am still able to walk and talk, but not at the same time. What a joy this Freud ripping blade is. The cut doesn’t even have to be sanded! If you are putting together a large glue-up all you need to do is place your dowels or biscuits where you want them and add glue.

I was so impressed I didn’t even finish the ripping before I was changing blades again to test the Ultimate Cut-Off Blade. These blades are miracles of modern technology made available by Freud after years of development work. Freud manufactures their own carbide in Italy to insure that their products are of the highest quality possible.

The first time the ultimate cutoff blade cut into wood it felt like magic. What was even better is the finish on the wood after the cut. The saw blade is the last and most important link in making a “perfect cut”. Freud has made sure that this link has been made foolproof. I would also like to mention that this blade will perform at its top by making sure you have a zero clearance throat plate installed on your saw. This will stop the edge of the wood at the bottom of the cut from tearing as you finish the cut. I never make a cut unless I have a zero clearance throat plate in place. The only exception to that rule is if I were to use a Dado set.

The bottom line is that both Freud blades gave the best results possible. I have used many saw blades in my life but these blades are the best of any I have tried. They may cost more than some blades but you get what you pay for. With a Freud blade you can be sure that your saw will have the best blade mounted to make cuts that will fit if you have done your part.

As a test, Freud sent a thin kerf 72 tooth cross cut blade for my sliding miter saw review I am doing. All of the saws I am testing improved remarkably just using this blade. Even a new saw that is packaged with an 80-toothed blade performed better when I replaced it with the new 72-toothed blade from Freud. Only when a manufacturer of one of the saws sent a 96-toothed blade did the performance equal the Freud blade with 24 less teeth. For the money, the Freud blades produce the best and most accurate cut surfaces of any saw blades.

You deserve to try the Freud saw blades in your saws. They gave top of the line performance in my saws. The blade actually polishes the wood as it passes through it. It leaves a super finish but I still recommend the old saying, measure the wood twice and cut only once. It does leave a super finish cut so you don’t have to work that hard after the cut. From now on I will buy Freud blades, I enjoy having smooth cuts. I am positive that my readers will love these blades as well.

In an upcoming series I am writing on router use for boat building, I hope to use some of the Freud router bits that are legendary for their sharpness and longevity. Just like saw blades, you get what you pay for. Anyone can buy a twenty dollar set of router bits at a flea market but if you want to use them more than once you must buy quality bits or blades. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have your two-dollar saw blade fail in the middle of a teak plank that costs one hundred dollars! Be sure to check out the closeout section on the Freud site. They have many great quality deals to choose from. My wife’s birthday is coming up so I just might get her a new Freud blade for the saw she is getting (ha ha! even I‘m not that stupid!).

From my tool crib to yours,


A note from Freud:

“Freud is a manufacturer and marketer of superior carbide cutting tools for more than 50 years. Freud leads the industry in innovative manufacturing, precision products and quality service. Freud's product selection includes diamond-sharp saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, planer knives and power tools. Freud's six manufacturing facilities in Western Europe are ISO9002 quality certified, an acknowledgement to top quality production processes. Freud manufactures its own carbide, specially designed to meet the strenuous requirements of the woodworking industry. Freud operates one of the most modern research centers in Europe for the development and production of its own carbide. Freud engineers consistently develop revolutionary designs that set a new standard for high quality woodworking tools. Numerous Freud products have earned recognition and accolades from woodworking magazines for their superior quality and endurance”

“Visit them at www.freudtools.com."