All the stuff (almost) to build a stripper

Old 48 quart ice chest as a tool chest. 62” long piece 4” sch40 PVC pipe contains 6 oz ‘s’ glass, plans, full size frame patterns and poster board. Plastic sack contains polyester dress lining fabric (peel ply) and roll of nylon twine.

Back row
1 ½ gal epoxy kit, associated ‘mustard’ pumps for resin and hardener, 2 quarts Titebond 2, stack of 9 oz plastic cups for mixing epoxy. 2-1# bags # 16 rubber bands.

Through the middle
Wood rasp, dovetail saw, tape measure, utility knife & spare blades, holesaw cutter (1 ½”), jiffy mixer, scissors, saber saw, 6” D/A air sander, roll of 60 & 80 grit sanding disk, package of plastic squeeges, box of screws and nails, clear packing tape, box of 2” chip brushes, granddaughters glue stick, flux brushes.

Sabre saw blades,.#2 pencils, mixing sticks, hand cream, 24” flexible steel rule, dust mask, drill, drill bits.

This was truly all there was… except the wood strips, already cut and machined, wood dust from the plant, and the material for box beam and forms. The only additional tools were the belt sander and belts I borrowed and Mrs. Loskots clothes iron for the iron-ons. The form material was cut up on a panel saw by others. We borrowed some 1 ½” nails to use to cleat rubber bands to forms since this was quicker (and slightly more hazardous) than trying to fabricate a lot of little wood pegs. The nails were returned.

There wasn’t anything that I really missed, except the other battery for drill, and/or the charger. We used every last drop of the epoxy, primarily because I kicked over the hardener and lost quite a bit halfway through building. We also used up all the titebond.