Cabin Clam Skiff


Here is a photo of the Cabin Clam Skiff (Phil Bolger's design #606-II) that I built. It was launched on July 8.

clamskiff.jpg (92947 bytes)
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This is the second boat I have built (or owned, for that matter), but the first one was much smaller (the GV11 garvey from and I only used that boat, last year, on a quiet lake in Eastern Finland. The CC Skiff is larger, has a remote-controlled engine, and is moored in a slip on the Gulf of Finland, that is, the sea (the Baltic). There is lots of traffic; the boat was broken into a few days after the launch. Docking and undocking is a major hassle - I know very few knots. Bolger's plans of the cabin were rather sketchy, and many small details were, in fact, big problems.

So, currently, there are a lot of things I have to learn and get used to ( I haven't even mentioned the rules of the waterways...) Perhaps I'll write an article, but I have to get my bearings first (is that a nautical expression?)

Sakari Aaltonen
Helsinki, Finland