What have the D4 and One sheet Skiff got in common?

Hello Chuck

The answer to the question as to what has the "D4 and McLeod's One Sheet Skiff got in common" is that after building the rowing version of the D4, you're left with enough plywood - plus one 4' x 8' sheet needed to build the standard skiff - to make a much sturdier small skiff with a bit of rocker and ample freeboard.

I'm sending you some pictures to give you and idea of what I mean and, if you're interested, I'll put something together and elaborate further and give you the full story. Perhaps you can tell me what you require anyway - after all, I've not done this sort of thing before.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for Duckworks Magazine, it's really great stuff and of tremendous benefit and enjoyment to so many.

Regards, Pius