Hi Chuck:

Just wanted to send word that my son Thomas and I have gotten a good start on that Jonsboat I told you about...

Got all the parts cutout and we have it temporarily fitted together. (read with sheetrock screws)

Tonight we glue and nail everything before we start building the wales and the chines....

This has been quite and different project than our Toto, a good bit easier in fact... The chines on that transom were a little strange.. In fact I thought I had them wrong when we first started fitting, but everything turned out good..

Here are a few photos for the projects section.

There is one with Thomas cutting out the bow-deck access hole, one of all the parts laid out a couple from different angles of it put together so far. The light wasn't all that good, so the pics are a little grainy. I'll try to take more as we progress in the daylight...


Barry Johnson