February 18

Hey Chuck,

It took eight months but I finished the shop yesterday!  Bright and early this morning work finally resumed on Jetfish.  I fitted the new aft bottom (cut in June!) and put a couple layers of tape on the seams.

It was a bit tricky stretching the sides - they did not like expanding from 41' to 48".  But a little pulling and pushing and a half a dozen 1x2 spreaders and she took form.  I didn't know I would have to take 3/4" off the bottom of the sides to keep the bottom planking level, but that went well also.

Tomorrow evening I'll start cutting the new transom.  This time I know where everything goes and with the exception of 100cc bigger engine, and a reverse, everything should be straight forward. 

It's going to be very interesting to find out once and for all exactly what happens when you widen the transom on a boat.  My prediction is the bow will behave, she'll ride higher at the transom, and speed will increase a full ten knots or more.  We'll see!

February 24

After several days the seams didn't cure (dreaded rubbery consistency) so I pulled them off sanded back to wood and started again.  This time I upped the MEK to 7.5 cc per half pint which appears to have done the trick.

As you can see I have the transom installed.  There's a photo of the old transom for reference.  I'll try to get a shot with the same perspective on the new hull a little later.  It should really be a good demo of what a few inches on paper looks like in wood.

Oh, the 2x4 is temp fastened to the bottom - the plywood warped a little since I cut it last June.  Because I kept the same flare the clamps were needed when I  stretched that area while installing the transom.  Looks like the shear has straighten out a little as well.  Can't wait to see it on the trailer.