A 19' semi-dory

Here are some pictures of a 19'8" powerboat I'm building that just passed the "roll upright" phase. I started w/ Gardner's plans for his 19' semi-dory (The Dory Book), lofted in some "V" to the bow, and added a raised deck forward. It'll have a small taditional-appearing wheelhouse, and an inboard well for my 15 hp 4-stroke outboard. The beam is 5'9". 

It's built using glu-lap/epoxy construction of occume ply on Phillipine mahogany frames. The boat will replace a 16' Gardner semi-dory that I built for the South BC coast (currently for sale). On our last trip we made the mistake of trying to return from Chatterbox Falls, in 30 knot headwinds, and subsequently my wife decided 16' was too small! The new 19 footer will take us to the Discovery Islands in '03.

I'm totally enchanted w/ long, narrow powerboats. The 16 footer would plane at 8 knots (!) at half throttle w/ my 15 hp Honda, with virtually no transition between displacement and planing speed. The 19 footer should be even smoother, and less bumpier in chop with it's modest "V" in the forward sections. Speaking of long, narrow powerboats, one of my favorite boats is Bolger's "wide stern canoe" (Boats with an Open Mind). I built that one (glu-lap on steambent ribs) a few years back and took it to Desolation Sound to celebrate my 50th year. It'd plane at half throttle w/ my 5hp Mariner. All the "yachty's" in BC I encountered thought I was nuts (some truth there perhaps), but I'm sure I had a hell of lot better time than them in their aquatic RV's!

Mike Hillis   mlhillis@msla.net