Here are some pictures of my nearly completed boat.  These pictures show different stages, and may be useful as a reference to anyone considering a JONSBOAT project. I had a couple other builders send pictures to me which proved to be helpful.  My boat will be equipped with an old 10 hp Evinrude, and an electric motor. I installed a stern light, bow light, and a clear light in front of the captains bench which may be useful in tying hooks in the early morning.

As mentioned previously, I enclosed the bench seats to accommodate the maximum amount of flotation possible. For those that are building a Jonsboat, you may want to consider this before you cut out those neat looking holes. I did not, and it caused a bit more work. I also laminated some flotation foam to the underside of the bow cover.  This boat will soon be equipped with red padded fold down swivel seats.

Donald Graham