Model Aircraft Carrier

My carrier is a very un-orthodox hybrid construction.  I inherited a 4"x4" timber and 1" ply waterline stage-prop that a dozen sailors could walk about on as part of the RN recruiting programs over 25 years on the road. When I heard that it was going to be scrapped I asked for it and they gave it to me. The nightmare began then! I've had it 10 years but that doesn't mean I've worked on it for ten years , only in spring and autumn Lots to be done yet. It was incredibly top-heavy and most of the topside has been replaced with lighter materials. I'm currently installing floodable tanks for ballast (needs about a ton )  A drop keel and mechanism is nearly complete. It is powered by a 5hp Mercury outboard in a well behind the aft hatch where I sit. It can take another person in the front hatch as passenger. Like the old countryman said when asked for directions " if'n ah was going there ah wouldn't have started from here".   But it was too good to be go to the dump. Glad I did it now. 

I'd be happy to correspond with anyone interested in these boats.

Duncan Cameron 

The Jpeg below shows my model of HMS Invincible being towed by tugs on the Shropshire Union Canal in England.