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The ply I am using is Indonesian Melapi and South African Chen chen. The Melapi is quite similar to lauan and rather heavy and the chen chen is a lightweight ply. All the bulkheads are made of chen chen. Both plys are cheap to buy here.

The glue is epoxy, I originally started using a particular urea formaldehyde which failed the test (fell apart after the joint was stressed) so I was that horrified I switched to epoxy, In fact I have become a convert, nice glue.

Fastenings are bronze boat nails, the ringed variety. I was going to use galvanized but decided it wasn't a good idea considering where I am going to use the boat, i.e. saltwater estuary.

Finances dictate that I use my 2-1/2 OB  for a month or two, I intend to replace it with either a 15 or a 20 horse motor. The big problem with secondhand motors that have been used in saltwater is corrosion, So I prefer to buy a new one rather than a motor that has the leg frozen on with rust or with its guts eaten out. I have been using one of those evil little Coleman canoes about the same length of Campjon with a 2 horse motor , it went at a fast walking pace and I presume Campjon with its rigid bottom will go a touch faster. Calm water only until I get the bigger motor.

I didn't make any changes to the boat, I think there is a guy building one in the States (NY?) who has added height and length to the cab.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the boat performs, particularly in a small chop/mild sea. There are some interesting places for me to visit if the boat lives up to expectations.

I must admit I'm having a ball building this thing.  

Luke Spreadborough