An hour or two at Ruswarp
[rowing boats for hire]
by Gavin Atkin 

Ruswarp (pronounced: Ruzup) is a riverside hamlet near Whitby in Yorkshire, England. It's a well-known beauty spot popular with coach tours and others who stop off for a little messing about in boats - and that's just what Sally and I did on our way from the Yorkshire coast to Oxfordshire last summer.

On this day, I had a mild hangover after playing dance music for a week at Whitby Folk Festival, and I'd got a long weekend festival to come, so you can imagine that some physical hard work was high on my list of priorities for the day. Rowing would be just the ticket and in general I make it a principle to photograph hire rowing boats whenever I can, because they're so often some of the best old-fashioned wooden-built craft to be found.

And so it was at Ruswarp. These very attractive rowing skiffs were built a couple of decades ago by the owner and a Whitby fisherman, though I could not discover whether they were built to a plan or by eye. Whichever it was the boats rowed superbly despite their weight, and would be a great model to use as the basis for a home-built project - and certainly, I'd love to use them that way.

To this end, I took photos from most of the available angles:
(click to enlarge)


And quite a few of details
I felt were important:


ssscrews.jpg ssscrews.jpg
ssscrews.jpg ssscrews.jpg ssscrews.jpg

Finally, here's a shot of a very happy rower:

And another of a happy sitter.