Snohomish River Trip
by Lex Lowe 
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Me on EscargoI was really excited to get going on my boat trip with my Dad on the Snohomish River. The Snohomish River is joined by Ebey, Steamboat, and Union Sloughs. Just as we were leaving we saw two seals. I recall from reading a book that good luck follows you when you see a seal at the beginning of a journey. They seemed to play in the wake. We then went to a part of the river called Steamboat Slough. On the way there, Dad let me ride on the inner tube. I thought is was scary at first, but then fun. Soon after that we made, or mostly I, made dinner. The dinner was homemade bread with spaghetti and sauce. The spaghetti was fine. The bread was over done, but it was OK! Cooking was very fun! I have always loved being in the kitchen.

My DadWe both didn't get much sleep the first night, but we got a little sleep anyway. This was because of all the mosquitoes! When we woke up I had a lot of mosquito bites, and so did my Dad! Around lunch time we stopped at Marysville to get some water and lunch. We saw otters, some weird boats, and a sunken tug boat. That night we tried to make a fire on the beach, but it floated away because the tide came in! Then a teapot fell overboard so I had to take a dip and get it!

We spent six hours waiting for the tide to return.The next day we stopped for lunch in Snohomish.. We walked to the airport and ate there. It was interesting to watch the airplanes come and go. When we got back to the boat, the tide had gone out.... without the boat! The boat was stuck on the beach for 6 hours! After the tide came in we motored down the river and found a cove. The cove was mosquito free because of the wind. The cove was beautful and perfect for sleeping.

The mud was thick and squishy.The next day we motored back down the river to the sloughs. Breakfast was blackberry cobbler. We had picked the blackberries during the six hours we were stuck in the mud! It was really misty this morning, but then it got clear. As we left, we had to look out for a very big log in the river. If we had hit it we would have ruined our trip. On the final night we found a nice spot on Ebey Slough. There I played in the mud making rivers! The mud was thick and squishy! It made weird noises you pulled your foot out! The next morning we decided to head home. It was just getting too hot. This trip was really interesting. It was really nice to get to know my Dad. We just had each other, no electronics! The worst part of the trip was the people on the jet skis! Every time they went by they made huge waves and rocked the boat. That wasn't fun while we were making dinner. On the way back we saw another seal. A nice way to end the trip! 

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