Trimaran Update

After a fairly busy late fall and early winter photography period inter-mixed with kid's soccer demands, the holidays, etc. I finally got some time in the shop to finish-up with the hull-to-deck seam tape job as well as the fairing of the tape to both surfaces. The boat was moved into the paint shop yesterday and it got a first coat of primer on the deck.

Up until now the deck has been an assorted display of clear, glassed red cedar, localized prime spots to spot defects in the surface and visible fairing compound. Sort of like a Calico cat in appearance. When the boat is like that it's really hard to read the overall surface correctly for continuity and symmetrical balance. Faired surfaces have to be felt rather than seen.

Now that it's painted with primer the hull begins to show how it will look when it gets its glossy finish coat.

I'm really pleased with how it's turning out. The form is balanced, fair and the structure is quite strong for the intended rig and end use.

I have to clean up all the small imperfections in the finish of the surface now that I can see them easily and then the boat gets another primer coat.

Moving on to the building of the amas (floats) next and then the trim pieces for the main hull to complete the construction phase.

Chris O