Pirate Ship

Hi Chuck,

As we near completion of our first home-built boat (our little two-sheet skiff), my son and I pondered our next project. It is between Michalak’s AF3 (with purchased plans through Duckworks) or my son’s choice – a real-life pirate ship. We designed the ship to be about 11’-6” long so we could get 2 sides out of 3 sheets of ¼” plywood. We’re thinking of 3/8” plywood for the bottom. We used the Hulls program to get a sense of the displacement capability of the hull and we used AutoCAD to design the shear. The craft will easily take 3 medium sized pirates.

our two sheet skiff

Features include a cut-out transom for an electric trolling motor - we’ll need to be able to overtake and plunder the unsuspecting sailors on the small, protected lake my father lives on. We designed a built-in plank off the bow for walking off prisoners – of course it could be used as a jumping board for swimming when the plundering is done. We’ll need to add a side ladder for boarding. For strength, we designed in a few bulkheads – the forward bulkhead would frame a storage treasure locker which would also double as a step to the “plank”. We added a ‘horizontal’ bulkhead around the stern of the ship to strengthen and reduce racking – it also doubles as a mounting surface for a decorative rail system. We’ve planned for an 8’ mast with crows nest and a jolly-roger. As much as I’m itching to start on the AF3, I think the “Barbary Winds” is our next project.

I’ve attached the AutoCAD (Pirate.dwg) and “Hulls” (pirate.hul) datafiles. Any suggestions or questions from your readers are welcome.

Rick Malagodi
Hollis, NH

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