Here are some pictures of my Sherpa. I am building in my garage near Emerald Victoria in south eastern Australia. I have built an 18ft Simmons Sea Skiff , a couple of canoes, a Wee Rob, a South Haven Dory and a small 8ft dingy for a friend to fish out of in places that he can't use his tinny. It had to be small enough to fit in the back of his truck, safe to fish out of in the bays near his place in South Gippsland and too small for his wife to fit in with him. He has done dozens of trips in it. The Sherpa I will use for fishing in similar places, but I don't mind company. I am hoping to be able to car top it. At 85lb I should be able to. I am using Pacific Maple Marine Ply from Marine Timbers and their BoteCote epoxy.

Peter Page