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Dear chuck

As requested here is some more information to go with my Little Hunk pictures. My first project was a kids plywood canoe, I was so pleased at how well it turned out that I was bitten by the boat building bug.

Pictures supplied are of my friend Tracy in the canoe and her two boys Grant and Zach being pushed by my son Ryan.

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After this I went into a plan buying frenzy. I bought plans for an outboard powered canoe, the John Welsford designed Daniels Boat, Jim Michalak’s AF2 and most recently because I did not want to be without a fishing boat Glen-L’s Little Hunk. I am building Little Hunk out of pacific maple marine ply and Oregon (Douglas Fir) frames. I am using BOTE-COTE epoxy products and stainless steel nails and screws. My only problem so far has been bending the Oregon chine logs to meet the stem, I overcame this by laminating two strips of meranti for the chine logs, this seems to have worked well.

We have many beautiful waterways in my home state of New South Wales one of my favourites being Wyangla Dam where we fish for Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Brown and Rainbow Trout.

Pictures supplied are of my son Ryan in my last boat which I sold to finance this project at Wyangla Dam.

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Regards Chris Nichols
Sydney Australia