Kayak Trimaran

I just spent a day testing my new sail rig and other improvements to my reworked kayak/trimaran (photo attached). I was very, very pleased with the result. The combination of a good sail and the Mirage pedal drive is fantastic. I'll be giving her a thorough shake-down on my three-day scouting trip for the Lake Powell Messabout at the end of the month. Anyone interested in attending the Messabout please write me at khatch@incognitostudio.com

(click image to enlarge)

I also have a simple new method for cartopping and transporting small boats that I'm pretty pleased with. When I get a chance I'd like to put together a short article about that, too.

By the way, that new sail was custom sewn by Stuart Hopkins of Dabbler Sails. He's a one-man shop who does excellent work and I like to give him due credit.

Kellan Hatch