Garvey 16
design by John Bell

Just in case anyone who saw the pictures of the boat in model making article, here are some particulars.

I've given this boat the rather unimaginative name "Garvey 16". In reality, she is a 15' 10" LOA x 5' 9" beam. The boat is intended to be a sturdy and seaworthy little outboard skiff that would be good as a fishing boat, a camp boat, and an all around good utility craft. She's higher sided than the flat bottom "honky drownders", as Robb White calls them, stacked out in front of your local WalMart. The multichine bottom shape is intended to give more reliable handling than a flattie while still offering good low power performance. She won't ride as good as true V-bottom, but it will be better than a flattie. Suggested power is 15-35 HP.

(click image to enlarge)

The plywood bill looks like 6 sheets of 3/8" and 3 sheets of 1/2".

I drew this boat with the idea of building it for myself, but since I sold the motor I was planning on using that plan has been put on hold for a while. The plans are to the point that an experienced builder could get it together. With proper encouragement and enough interest, I would get them to the point where a less experienced builder could get one together. Any readers who were seriously interested in this boat can write me at if they'd like to explore this design any further.

John Bell