I've been working on my Puffin (Iain Oughtred's) for a good few weeks now, working many evenings and weekends, in the garage, with the door wide open in full view of all who pass in the street, and do you know what? I haven't had one person stop and ask me about the boatbuilding. Not ONE!

Our American friends, particularly those unused to the infamous British reserve, might say, "By Jove old chap! What must you be thinking, living in a such a beastly neighbourhood!", or words to that effect.

Perhaps the neighbours don't know what a boat looks like when it doesn't have any planking. Or maybe they just don't like to approach me because I'm obviously a nutcase, like Noah (we're also many miles away from the sea; at least six).

The Longboat

I've had more comments on the Lune Longboat, parked on the drive, but then that's a complete boat, quite recognisable, and they've had six years to notice that. Actually, the usual comment is (pointing at the outboard well in the pointed stern), "you'll not get far in that, lad; there's a ruddy great hole in the front." <sigh>

The Puffin

As we get into spring and the boat is looking more complete (dream on, big boy), and the evenings aren't quite so dark, maybe my activities will be noticed. It's gotta happen! I want it to happen! I wanna show off! That's one of the reasons I'm doing it; I'm an inveterate show-off! It's better than building a cupboard, or a fence, innit?

What say you? Move house? Make an announcement? Run a Stinger across the road in front of the house?


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