Sucia is at the north end of the group, easily accessible from Anacortes, where Chuck launched, Bellingham, or Sidney BC, where I launched. Bellingham would be the closest, maybe 10 miles, but I haven't measured it exactly. Friday Harbor is another starting point, but involves a ferry ride first. (None of these involve a lot of open water, but pay attention to the tide and weather, as always.)

There's all kinds of space at Sucia, and folk can sleep aboard, or set up a tent ashore. We can reserve a group camping site if we want. There are firepits, as well as the other kind of pits. The website below says that there are other facilities as well, including docks, but I only saw the western side of the island so don't have first hand knowledge. To keep ourselves amused, we can have a big barbecue, hold rowing or sailing races, try out each others boats and maybe try a few anchor tests (if anyone brings a big enough motor.) All this plus all the boat talk you can stand! I expect there will also be some informal beer tasting, so bring your local brew!

I think this is a destination that will appeal to wives, girlfriends and families too, as long as they don't hate boats!

Early July would suit me, how about the rest of you? Would four days work? Friday and Monday for travel, Saturday and Sunday for the rendezvous. Those who would like a longer time afloat can extend their weekend into a cruise around the islands, maybe joining up with like-minded souls. As for dates, perhaps we should avoid the 4th, I imagine some of you have your own plans that weekend, but how about the weekend of July 10 and 11?

The only way to get to Sucia is by boat. If those with smaller boats are concerned about crossing channels safely, perhaps they can travel together or in company with a larger boat. Last summer we saw a crowd of kids in open canoes who had come up from Friday Harbor, and they had no problems.

Let me know, on this list or directly, if you're
(a) interested,
(b) very interested, or
(c) interested/very interested but can't make that weekend.

Bring out your ideas for activities or anything else, and let's see how we can shape this thing. So far there are two Chebaccos and a Thomcat in the very interested column!

Hoping to hear from you,

Jamie Orr

More about Sucia Island State Park

Says "Sucia Island State Park covers 564 acres with over 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline on the Strait of Georgia. Boating facilities include two docks with 12'x160' mooring floats and 48 mooring buoys. Other amenities are an underwater scuba park with one locator buoy and 6.2 miles of hiking trails. Park visitors will find the marine fossil deposits at Fossil Bay of special interest.

Camping facilities include 55 campsites, two reservation group camps, three picnic shelters, 16 picnic sites, five pit toilets and nine composting toilets. Drinking water is available April through September. All garbage must be packed out.

Facility use is first come, first served, with continuous moorage limited to three consecutive nights. Fees are charged year around.

Call (360) 753-5771 for a fee update as all fees are subject to change.

Some of the activities enjoyed in the park are primitive camping, picnicking, hiking, scuba, clamming and crabbing."