Hi all-

I think I should to give you a report about our Campjon progress. The reason is that my wife and I are taking a 10 day journey to Norway, where the sun does not go down this days. Perhaps I will come back a little insane, or something , and the project may not resume right away:-)

Studying plans, discussing on Yahoo, thinking about the project, rethinking it, reading Jim's great Boatbuilding for Beginners (to be honest, the book enabled me to build the boat, it's like having an experienced partner), I've never felt alone with my boatbuilding problems. I had to decide whether or not to change the superstructure. I'm expecting to spend a long time onboard, and a little more comfort is worth making changes, in my case.

I had a problem locating materials and tools in the local market, (especially measuring tape with inches) and I had to join a club to have a place to keep the boat.

Construction finally started a week ago in my garage. Bulkheads were made first, then side panels. It took 4 days, using screws, PLPremium, and a hand saw (I realized that this is a good opportunity to loose a couple of kilos). I had to bevel the frames correctly using hand tools. I decided to assemble the hull after our journey, just so I could keep our car in the garage while we were gone. So the next step will be done after we come back home.

I think everybody has red Luke's article. That's what we build our boats for!

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, thinking that Luke’s pics showing the construction are very good, and there’s no need to do the same. Besides, Luke’s and Adam’s pics helped me much to understand the boat, and publishing them is great Ducksworks job. The only photos connected with my project are ones showing nice small port which I've chosen to be campjon’s Vistula base (see below).


-Wojtek Baginski