Hi Chuck,

We had a few minutes before lunch, so we laid out Timmy and the TIMS unit on the lawn for a full length photo op at 44 (or maybe 45, didn't measure) feet. Looks pretty cool, like a French river coal barge, no?

Hope to try a powered lash or bolt up this weekend. You're right, I am having far too much fun with this. Can't wait to see the Coast Guards reaction when I take it for a complimentary safety inspection!

Did you notice that one section is called the "Duckworks Reading Room" with appropriate logos.

Also, Corbin "Draco the Red" did some .dxf drawings of the TIMS project, "so I could get more practical work done with TurboCad. Also I think the TIMS Project is kinda cool."

See ya' in two and a half weeks at the Kingston Messabout.


PS: Here are some more pictures:

(Drawings courtesy of Corbin
Draco the Red)