Resale Value on Homebuilt Boats

Dear Chuck!

Many thanks for your e-mail, I will be more than happy to see my pictures on your internet magazine, we could call it resale value on homebuilt boats.

Can a homebuilt boat pay back your efforts and investment? I will say yes and no, if you choose a design after it, it is possible, Devlin is a very good example I guess, his designs are very handsome and looks even better than a produced boat, but not the easiest to construct, so building a Devlin design should be a good investment also if you want to sell. Mý Surfscoter is sold, I want to go bigger as a summerresident, Wyoming, AS 39, Tahiti (all Bolger designs) or prior # 1 Devlin Sockeye, the Sockeye will cost me arround 80K the other about the half of that, if I want to keep the boat, Bolger's will be a very good choice, but again the Devlin Sockeye well built will pay back for sure. I think I will end up with a Bolger. He has something I can´t explain, I am sure everybody knows what I mean.

Best regards from Denmark
Claus Bak