I am an amateur boat builder. I have designed a 39' x 12' 10" x 2' 6" Live aboard Motor Scow "Rosa 53" and started building her in Nov 2002.

To date I have bulkheads, stringers etc complete. A long away to go. No photo's developed as yet. Drawing attached.

"Why a Motor Scow"

The family and I are keen liveaboard sealegs, with an interest in the backwaters and coastal cruising. We needed a good strong, shallow draft vessel capable of being beached on a regular basis. (you're thinking use a dinghy)

After spending many months at a time living on our 1946 Motorsailor, it was obvious we needed lots of volume below decks and also flat walk around decks up top.

A vessel in the form of an old New Zealand Trading scow could fit the bill, the only problem was, the ones available were either too big or a maintenance nightmare.

The Answer; Design and build in todays materials, G.R.P.
So we sold our Motorsailor and set about the task.
The Plan: complete the vessel, launch, make alterations if necessary, then make the plans available for others to enjoy the experience.

"Rosa 53" is really a coastal version of a houseboat in which we intend cruising around the coast of New Zealand, continuing my interest in nautical writing and all the interesting things that seem to come our way.

There are some photos in the camera, will be developed soon.

Ross Smedley