Lady Bug

I've just started on this Jim Michalak designed cruising dinghy. We wanted a handy daysailor that would serve as an overnighter in a pinch.  She is economical to builid and easy to set up with her balanced lug sail.

We are using some 1/4" Luan for the sides and decks, and were luck enough to find some 1/2" Luan for the bottom. Western Red Cedar will serve for most of the solid wood applications including the mast and spars, with Douglasfir for the gunwales.

The sail is being made by Paul at Ulta Sails in tanbark colored Dacron.  We are making a video of the process which may be available here at Duckworks if it comes out Ok.

She is stitch and glue multichine construction, and we are using RAKA resin and tape to put her to gether. My plan is to have her ready for the Lake Conroe messabout in October.

Chuck Leinwber

In the picture below, the high bulkhead is the temporary one which will later become the hatch covers.