Lapstrake Canoe

(see update2)

Here's a few views of the canoe my pal Jim is making. It's his first attempt at boat building, and I think he has every right to be pleased with himself for two reasons: the boat itself; and what he's learnt making it. He's built it for his kids to play with on the lake at the bottom of his garden - his household shares it with about thirty others.

He built it from some plans I devised for them, and following a bit of tweaking and trialling on the water (Jim's was the first to be built), in a short while I'll make them available for free via Duckworks and Free Boat Design Resources (

And, of course, now that he's done all the hard work making up the moulds and strong-back, I plan to make one as well. I'll only have to do the fun bit he he he hee heee!