I'm almost finished with my Vamp. Getting the 6mm ply to bend in two directions on the bottom panels was more difficult than I'd counted on, and I did end up distorting the lines a bit when I cinched the tie wraps to bring the panels close enough. Which means I probably didn't quite measure something right, but I think it's gonna be OK. Bugs me a little because I wanted this to be exactly to plan with wonderful flowing lines, but it goes to show that Jim's plans can still produce nice boats when the builder buggers things up some. I was also ever mindful that the plywood cost me about $50/sheet with the shipping, and I was almost afraid to cut it. Wayne has said the same thing! Almost wish I'd built Rogue instead (still have the plans), but I thought Vamp would be less work. Don't think it would have been now..

And you're right about boatbuilding being a series of problems to be solved-- and like crossword puzzles, it has expanded my vocabulary (though I have to look over my shoulder to see if anybody was listening...).

Wayne Farris lives just a couple of miles from me; he's finally had time to get going on his Toto in earnest. He and I went in together on the marine ply order back in May when had that $50 shipping deal going.

Here's what I'm doing with my part of the order-- this gives a better idea of the curves of Vamp-- a better looking boat than Robote, I think:

Was just trying out the Rustoleum on the gunwales and didn't paint the tops of them yet. Then I read the can and saw that you need to wait 24 hours before recoating... But I was able to get the Severe Weather Valspar to behave. Used Krylon latex Jelly Bean Green on the gunwales at first; it was too bright. Oh well, guess I'll be ready for Easter.

See you later,

Rick Cunningham