(a Jim Michalak design not yet available,
but basically a larger version of Caprice)

Hi Chuck --

I'm ready to move south! Can't stand this winter business.

Not much to look at, but here's a glassed panel using the Lexan film method I've been experimenting with, after John Blazy's ground-breaking article in Duckworks. Also a photo of me rolling out the film while kneeling on the roll -- crucial to success with a large panel. Two people kneeling on it would be even better.

I've got both side panels glassed, inside and out. Now I have the bilge panels ready for glassing, next warm day. Then the bottom. Bulkheads can be done with Titebond II indoors over the winter. Maybe ready to go 3-D in early spring.

All best,
Garth Battista