Construction of my Jonsboat is of AC Exterior Pine from Lowes, 1/2" for the bottom, transom, and seats, 1/4" for the sides. The chines and wales are of pressure-treated pine decking lumber. We used Titebond2 and ceramic decking screws to put it all together. The chines and whole bottom are covered in 6oz fiberglass cloth and Raka Epoxy. The boat is painted with 100% Acrylic Latex from Lowes (can't remember the brand but I think it is American Tradition).

The motor is a 1969 Evinrude Sportwin (9.5 hp) (low-profile powerhead) with a short shaft. On the trial run, this little motor would push the boat at around 11mph consistently though we did reach 12.5mph once according to the GPS. We have an old 18hp Johnson Seahorse that we may try soon...

Under each seat there are 8 pool noodles (very cheap closed cell foam) bundled together for emergency flotation, though I believe she wouldn't sink because of the wood's bouyancy alone...

Over all I'm really pleased with the boat. In the picture you'll see that with the motor, 6 gals of gas, myself (235lbs) and my son (180lbs) the waterline is barely above the chine logs. Jim is right, this thing WILL float on dew.

I think overall with the wood, screws, glue, epoxy, motor and used trailer we have about $800.00 in the whole outfit...

Any other details that I may have forgotten that you'd like to know about?

Also, have any of you folks had any experience with putting drain plugs in a boat like this? Did you go through the bottom, or transom? Did you use the little plastic ones, or the brass and rubber versions? If through the bottom, did you did you make a little cowling to induce suction for self bailing? Just curious..


Barry Johnson