With a lot of help and coaching from Richard Frye I am also building a yakette, which by the way is the first boat I have ever built. So far I have the hull glued together and the keel on and will be cutting out the deck.

Putting the keel on has been the trickiest part of the building process so far because the 2 by 4 we used although I thought it was clear, turned out to be hard to keep straight which Richard tells me is crucial to the design of the boat for straight tracking. The boat has been quite inexpensive, less than $70, to build and even a beginner like myself can successfully build it. I have enough epoxy and fiberglass tape left over to build another boat.

Here are a couple of pics of the boat in progress. It is a little further along than this now as the seams are now epoxied and taped. Enjoy the magazine a lot.

John Zinn