I launched a V10 (plans from http://www.bateau.com) last Saturday, Oct 19.

The original intention was to launch much sooner. However, the V10 proved surprisingly hard to build. In fact, the project took considerably longer than the Jim Michalak Mixer, although the V10 is smaller (10' vs. 12'). For example, I had to make the two bottom panels twice, because the first plywood that I tried (fir) steadfastly refused to take the compound curve at the bow. Okume was easier, but not by much.

Launch day was pretty cold, minus 5 degrees centigrade. Fortunately, the lake had not entirely frozen; there was only some thinnish ice at the shore. No problem breaking it.

Due to the weather, we only went rowing. This took very little effort. However, (cold) water would shoot up through the daggerboard slot and hit my... backside.

Sakari Aaltonen
Helsinki, Finland