Dear Chuck:

Attached are 4 pictures of my Squeezebox in progress. I have just completed the outer hull. I will begin the cockpit and the inside as soon as I get the ballast in. It will sleep two. It will be lined with 1/2" closed cell foam throughout. The berths will have 2" closed cell foam covered with cotton covers that can be removed and washed. It will be powered by a 1.5hp Cruise n Carry outboard. It will have oar locks attached to the rub rails. It will sport a 25 square foot lug rig polytarp sail. I hope to have it completed by the end of July. The hard part building here is that it is so hot the desire is not always strong. By the way it is being build in my front parlor and on the front porch. That's why the photos are taken in the front yard. The wife insists on the glass work being done on the porch. Picky Picky. Ha! By the way I really enjoy the mag. It has been an ongoing inspiration to build. Hell if they can do it so can I. Thanks for an excellent job.

Robert  pedalrv@hotmail.com

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