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With much pleasure, I have quietly launched my new boat, John Welsford's Rifleman, known in our family as Polly II.

Construction of Polly II commenced in June, with construction now completed. Fit out is 90% complete, and some cosmetic touches yet required. Being school holidays here, I have relented to the pressure exerted by my 14 year old son (and construction assistant from the start), and put some miles under her keel without waiting for the last little bits and pieces. These will be attended before the official(?) launching in company of Mr. Ross Lilistone and family in a week or so.

Plans and materials were supplied by Ross, along with much encouragement and support.

Impressions to date? We are very pleased with a fine looking vessel, and amazed by the number of people who come to us wanting to look at and discuss this different and obviously appealing craft. Not just another copy of everything else on the water!

Thanks for a great design.I will be back in touch following the official launch with more news.


Eric Ashby.