Flats Rat
by Errol Flynn

hi all,
i`m working on a 12` flats rat, (nail and glue version) took the revised flat rat plans and added 50% to the measurements except for the sides used 3..16"cuts from 1 sheet to make sides.

turned out with 15 1/2" sides...11`11-1/2" long overall....48" beam...deck length 30"

increasing the stock rudder and lee board by 50% cool or not?

thinking balanced lug rig 10` or 12` mast.. yes, no, your crazy???

suggestions for tent or shelter for camping?

how to head of the ole ball and chain when she see`s a 12`rat in the living room when she gets home from work?

easy answer....point out spending all next summer camped out on this baby..."try it on for size babe" "oh that boat is definitely you "

and remember gang in our house "a day without a mouseboat is pretty pointless"

have fun
errol flynn and the squeeze