Yakoos in Denmark

Hey Chuck!

Some time ago I showed the first Yakoo in Denmark.  My wife wanted one too, so I had to build one more. As soon as number two was on the water, I started to make a couple of beams to connect the two boats. The beams are bolted to the boats and between the hulls I have made a platform from a sheet of plywood. The boat has a beam of 2.40 meters and it goes quite fast even with a little 4 hp outboard.

Over the summer we have used it for swimming, fishing and relaxing. We even have an igloo-tent that covers the whole platform, so that we can sleep on it.

It seems to work very well in warm weather, but it doesn't like waves as they get over the sides and into the boat.

So- just wanted to show you another way to use Yakoos."

Joern Knudsen