Glass Bottomed Boat

Hi Chuck,

Since your magazine has me addicted to boatbuilding (all your fault) I thought I'd send this pic for you and the other addicts. It's a neat story, that started from my grandmother. When I was little, she used to make a miniature village scene with a lake by taking the cotton "snow" material and cutting open an oval shaped hole in it that she put a hand mirror underneath, where I would then place figurines of skaters and build a village around with miniature houses, cars, sleighs etc.

Then, a few days ago, (fast forward thirty years) my wife was setting up the Christmas tree on one of my Dichrolam tables (laminated glass I make, that looks like water) and was thinking about doing the same thing that my grandmother did. Then Tricia pulls out this little wooden boat ornament I had never seen! So I quickly made a miniature "dock" and set up the "lake" scene. Very appropriate since I'm knee deep in the middle of my second glass-bottomed boat. See the progress at:  is a wonderful site to upload pics into your own gallery for free.

Merry Christmas,

John Blazy