Gavin's Dory


The weather's been holding me up lately, but I thought you might like to see these shots taken today in yet more rain. I've got some touching up to do, and all of the varnish, and I've still got the rowlocks to fit, and I've got to make a rig and rudder, but I think you'll see she's well on the way to something pretty good. I'm hoping with my pal Jim's help to be able to launch her quite soon in rowing trim - he's got a road trailer and a share of a private lake. 'Course, I should mention this to Jim...

For myself, I'm in a terrible quandary: I'd hoped to be able to cartop this boat as it's well within the weight range, but looking at it now I think that will require some ingenuity. What should I ask for for Christmas? A trailer? Or a Fender electric mandolin?

Gavin Atkin