Hello Chuck;
I just got interested in building a boat in September 2002, as a project for  my son and I. We'll be finished this weekend November 1st 2002, just needs a couple of coats of clear polyurethane on the inside. I started out looking for kayak or pirogue plans on the internet and came across the gator boats web site at  These plans looked easy for the first time builder and the type of boat was more our liking. Attached are some pictures in various stages of construction. This is their Croc model two man boat.

The boat is built of plywood, and put together with waterproof construction adhesive and screws. The plans didn't call for epoxy fiberglass seams used in a lot of other boats I looked at. Although I would have glassed the seams if they didn't turn out as tight as they did. I painted the outside with three coats of one part polyurethane marine paint and the inside is going to get a clear finish with polyurethane. A great project for the first time builder. I'll send more photos of the first launch.

Ralph Brescia