Folding Tri's Maiden Voyage

Hello Chuck,

the folding tri isn't a sailing boat yet, but we already made the maiden voyage with an electric trolling motor. The hull seems to work very fine as a motor boat, although I can't yet tell how it behaves with the used 4 hp outboard I got. We were 6 adults and 3 children (six, three and one and a half years old) aboard and there was no lack of space... not bad for a 16 foot boat. 

I enclose photos from the transport out of the workshop and of the maiden voyage. The "old man" on the photos is my father, who actually made almost all the glassing and finishing when I got an epoxy allergy. Beware: It seems that medical latex gloves do not really protect the skin. From my experience I'd recommend to put on thicker rubber gloves for the works that involve "bathing in epoxy" like glassing big areas.

I'll write again when the "sailing bits" make progress.


Horst Werner