I'm currently doing a knockoff of Richard Frye's stealth boat, I think I figured out what he did measurement wise (I hope). I changed the top on mine to be much more rounded and a bit flatter.

This one was built from totally free wood, the corner store by my house was throwing it out when they did some renovations...while I was in there getting some munchies I said "Hey, what are you going to do with the scraps?" The store owner replied with puzzled look on his face, "Throw it out, why?".

The stealth is almost done and there was enough wood left from the scrap to make something small and paddly...we haven't decided yet. The reason we both want canoes is sailing days like yesterday are few and far between here in N. Indiana. and there are tons of places to paddle and camp around here.

So my advice to anyone, don't be bashful, pipe right up...because the squeaky boatbuilder gets the free scrap wood...all I had to do was haul it away. Let's see, one cheap canoe for mama, Summer Breeze for both of us? I don't know man, I bet the leaves fall off my boat shed way before then, sure wish we had a garage. I wonder if the park we live in, will let me get away with one of David B.'s pvc pipe and polytarp Quonset huts, someone around the corner just put up a greenhouse made the same way. After all, what's in a shape? (It's my Quonset greenhouse....giggle..yeah, that's it).

Keep up the great work, we really love Duckworks, it's a daily check-in in our house just to see what's new.

John & April Burgh aka Errol and his Squeeze