Duck / Fishing Boat


My name is Jon and I am 14 years old. I live in north Mississippi. My current project is a 8' long 4' wide duck / fishing boat. I have been working on this boat for one week now and am nearly done with it. The only part I lack is making the floor a little more sturdy. I am very happy with the outcome. I only ended up spending $150.00 +/- on the entire boat. I designed the plans myself so that cut down on the price a good bit. The boat is being powered by a 30lb thrust trolling motor right now. The boat will only hold one large adult or two kids my size because I put a top on the boat so that it could be used as a duck boat. I fiberglassed all of the seams and put a light coat of fiberglass resin on the whole hull to make it a little more durable. The paint was a big problem. I tried to put high gloss on the hull and it curled, so I had to sand the entire hull which took nearly two days. I then went to the hardware store and got a gallon of returned exterior paint. The paint that I got was a muddy looking cream color. After that I used krylon camo spray paint and leaf stencils to camo the whole thing. I went out to a lake in my neighborhood to test her out today. Good news! It was water tight and it turns on a dime. I have included a few photos of the boat so far.