Dobler 16

Hi, Chuck. Here are some updated pics on the Dobler -- well the oldest one is about 10 days old so I am farther along than these suggest. Right now I am about 2 weeks away from launching. I am painting the interior and finishing the fitting of the mast step, mast partner, thwart, daggerboard case, and seats. If there is anyone out there contemplating building the Dobler but is intimidated by the lack of instructions in the plans, contact me. I have plenty of ideas of what not to do and so can help you over the bumps. As you can see, even with the many "design features" (read flaws from my own incompetence) built into my Dobler, the boat looks like what the plans say -- 
it is a beautiful boat!

Regards, Dennis Marshall
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Hi, Chuck. I just wanted to let you know that a Dobler 16 (a write up can be found in T.F. Jones' "Boats to Go" or "Low Resistance Boats") is being built in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The boat is Dobler's 16'4" x 5'6" multichine interpretation of a semi-dory. The frames are 1x stock, the bottom will be 3/8 ply, and the side panels will be 1/4 ply. When finished, the hull ought to weigh no more than 225lbs. In this picture, I am just finishing up attaching the frames to the strongback and getting them plumb.


Dennis Marshall