Yakoos in Denmark

Hey Chuck

I check out Duckworks Magazine quite often. It's interesting with all these stories about homebuilt boats. I looked at Richard Frye's Yakoos and found them very exciting. For a couple of months I have had the free canoe plan from http://www.bateau.com on my hard disk, but I found that the 14 foot canoe was too small. Richard's boats looked quite right to me, so I had to build one of these too.

I have used another method with plywood, lists and PU-glue and it makes the boat the same weight as Richards.

Today we launched it for the first time, and it worked very well!. It's a little more unstable than expected, but it feels quite well and it is perfect for the waters here around Fynen in Denmark.

My wife loved it so much, that she wanted one too, so I have to build one more. After that it is my plan to make a couple of Beams, so that we can tie them together and use them as a Catamaran with a small outboard motor when we go fishing.

So - Just wanted to tell you, that now there are Yakoos in Denmark too.

Joern Knudsen   sydfyn@hotmail.com