Elegant Punt

Hi Chuck,

Hey, thanks for the comments on my Teal project. I really enjoyed building it even though winter crept up on me before I got the sail rig finished. As you know now isn't sailing weather here in Montana... I have the mast, rudder and all that done but don't guess I'll get to try it out till spring.

Haven't really had any winter here this year. One little bit of snow and its only been below 0 for a couple of days. It was over 40 here yesterday. Amazing indeed!!!!!!!!! Good boat building weather though.

I just finished building the Elegant Punt and have started on a Pointy Skiff. Its like a disease isn't it......... I really like it... Keeps everyone in town wondering what that character over on E 2nd St is up to in his garage now... I have been in Twin Bridges for 10 years now and seem to have excelled at giving the locals something to talk about. I don't mind. I was raised in a town in Washington state that isn't much bigger than Twin so understand about these small towns......

Gary Cowan