Boat Building Class

I just completed a boat building class for the Westlake High School, Wildlife Management Class. It was an interesting project. We built two pirogues in three, two hour classes. Of course I had to pre-kit the parts and stay after class to do some of the epoxying.

The first day we formed the hull and glass taped the inside seams. The second day we added the rails and glass taped the outside seams. The last day we sanded and started painting. One boat was completely painted one coat and the other had the inside only painted because we ran out of time.

The class seemed to enjoy the boatbuilding. It was hands on and they did all the work of construction with just a little instruction. I think they were amazed that building a simple boat is easy.

I hope you enjoy seeing our youth being introduced to boat building. I imagine this was a very unique class. I have not heard of it done in this area before.

Ken Abrahams